Filipino Martial Arts For The Zombie Apocalypse

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Martial Arts Instructors, Pro & Semi Pro: OWN Halloween of 2020!

Martial Arts Instructors, Pro and Semi-Pro, Light Up Your Martial Arts Creativity! Get All Of The Following: 1. 35 Minutes Of Content Focused On The Filipino Martial Arts For The Zombie Apocalypse Single Sword Template 2. Two-Part Recording Of My 2020 FMA For The Zombie Apocalypse Masterclass 3. 45 Minute Long Video Masterclass On The 7 Days Of Martial Arts Business Creation - 7 Skills You Must Master To Build The Martial Arts Practice Of Your Dreams (Big, Small, Full-Time, Part-Time, Monetized, Charitable) & Attract The Kind Of Students You Actually Enjoy Teaching

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I'm Offering An Incredible Value For A Very Small Investment. It Is A One-Time Investment. No Hidden Fees. No Upsells. Nothing To Cancel Or Risk Further Charges (Because I Hate That). Go Back & Look At Everything You're Getting For A Minor Investment. Even If YOU Don't Like Halloween, LOTS Of People Do, & It's A Great Opportunity For Your Martial Arts Practice. Still Not Sure? I Get It. Hey, Submit Your First Name & Best Email Address In The Window To The Right Of Here. I'll Let You Watch One Of My Zoom Filipino Martial Arts Classes & You Can Get A Sense Of Whether Or Not My Style Is A Fit For You.

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