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- The Accountability Exercises From Week 1
- Actionable Steps To Follow
- Decades Of Professional & Martial Arts Experience Bottled For You In One Place
- How To "Get Your Mind" Right For Both Martial Arts & Your Career
- Valuable New Perspectives For Martial Artists
- Incredible Professional Take-Aways For Non Martial Artists

One of my students writes that I'm  the "MOST diverse and cerebral teachers of martial arts today", because of my desire for you to harness the power of martial arts in your professional life.

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I'm offering all of this this for only $27 because I want you to make the leap in your career in a WAY shorter time than I did (4 years is an obscene amount of time to wait to have the kind of influence and impact I wanted to have), and I want you to make the transition with your integrity intact so that you can transform your entire company/organization, and one day, your entire industry! 

As a bonus, I've recorded an interview with Master Virgil Cavada, the founder of Applied Eskrima Balintawak. Master Virgil will share both martial arts and mindset development breakthroughs that will benefit both martial artists and non-martial artists. As another bonus, I've recorded an interview with Jill, a busy professional who will share her own story of professional struggle (and eventual triumph) with you. Martial artists and non-martial artists will be inspired!

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