Earn Your Filipino Martial Arts Phase I Trainer Certification 

My Name Is Dr. Bryan Stoops. I'm An Educator & Professional Martial Arts Instructor.

In June of 2020, I offered my first virtual Filipino Martial Arts weekend trainer certification. If you missed it, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to access ALL of the materials from the weekend independently so you can eventually earn your Phase I Filipino Martial Arts Trainer Certification from me. Here's what you'll get immediate access to upon investing in the Kit :

  • Eventual certification authorizing you  to teach the first three levels of my Filipino Martial Arts Core Curriculum (Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt/Phase 1).

  • A step-by-step plan to start a training group you will run using my curriculum (I will provide resources for both teaching online and for when it is safe to teach face-to-face classes again)

  • Downloadable copies of the written curriculum for each level

  • A separate instructional video for EACH requirement

  • Participants may test for Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, & Green Belt/Phase I certification  via video examination when they are ready to do so at no additional charge. The testing is included in the registration

  • My 7 Days of Martial Arts Business Creation material is included, which will help participants learn the 7 skills they need to be able to teach martial arts in whatever capacity they want

  • Best practices for martial arts instructors to help you take your teaching to the next level (even if you are already a great instructor)

  • The 10 hour event was recorded and you get lifetime access to those recordings.

I have designed this course so that even if you are currently stuck at home with no training partners, you can still FULLY participate, get certified, and event test for rank!

NOTE: This is NOT a pay to play program. You will have to study the materials, train, and submit video examinations for everything you want to earn from me.



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"One of the most accomplished and experienced Martial Artists (Fighter & Instructor) I have ever trained with.."

- Guro Ryan Gruhn, Dog Brothers Guro and Full Dog Brother ("Guard Dog")

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A Perfect Pedigree

I'm certified by some of the top Filipino Martial Arts teachers in the world. I also have a master's & doctorate in education.

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I've Done It Before

I've taught this course live before and had a blast. The online version is was awesome & you're going to have access to ALL of the recordings. 

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