Learn Authentic Kali, Jeet Kune Do, & Silat From Anywhere In The World!

My Name Is Dr. Bryan Stoops. I'm An Educator & Professional Martial Arts Instructor.

I have created a separate, multi-level, comprehensive, curricular progression for Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do, & Silat. I repeat, those are three separate curricular progressions. Once you are a member of my Online Martial Arts Learning Community (OMALC) you'll have immediate access to:

  • Weekly Members Only Zoom Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do, Silat, & KidPersist Classes & Members Only Access To The Recordings Of Those Classes
  • A Written Copy Of Each Level Of Each Separate Curriculum With All Of The Requirements As Downloadable PDF's
  • A Separate Instructional Video For EACH Requirement Of Each Level Of All Three Curricular Progressions (This Is HOUR Upon Hour Of Instructional Footage)
  • Instructions On How To Submit Video Examinations & Earn Rank In All 3 Programs. I Have Members As Far Away As Australia Earning Rank From Across The World. Unlimited Video Testing Is Included In Your Membership.
  • Weekly Members Only Sessions During Which I Answer Questions About The Curriculum. All Members Only Sessions Get Recorded & Uploaded To The OMALC, So Even If You Can't Virtually Attend In Real Time, You Can Watch At Your Leisure.
  • My Stoops 37 Count Filipino Martial Arts Mini-Course Is Included, As Is My Creativity In The Martial Arts 8 Week Course To Help You Fight Off Martial Arts Burn Out!

Ready To Become An OMALC Member? We Have Two Options

a. Monthly - Invest $97 A Month For The Life Of Your Membership. Unlimited Video Testing Is Included. Cancel At Any Time. Click HERE

b. Annual Membership - Instead Of $1,164 (12 X $97) Made Over The Year, Invest Only $497 Right Now For One Year Of Access! Click HERE

Or, Would You Like Access To The Filipino Martial Arts Core, Jeet Kune Do, & Silat Core Video Curriculum & Written Curriculum Only, With No Testing, No Bonus Mini Courses, & No Members Only Sessions?

Invest ONLY $19.97 A Month For The Life Of Your Membership. Cancel At ANY Time: Click HERE To Get Started

Or, Get An Annual Curriculum Only Membership For Only $187 A Year. Click HERE To Get Started


You'll Get Immediate Access To The First Level Only For Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Silat, Wing Chun, Thaiboxing & KidPersist 

  • The Written Curriculum Downloads
  • The Separate Instructional Video For EACH Requirement
  • One Video Test Included So When You're Ready, You Can EARN The First Level Certification In The Program Of Your Choice 

The best part is the Level 1 Kit is available to you  whenever you want it on ANY device with an Internet connection for a SINGLE investment of only $37. For less than 40 bucks, you can get started learning from me anywhere in the world at your convenience.

  • Beginners will develop a great foundation.
  • Intermediate students are sure to pick up new refinements and insights into the FMAs, Jeet Kune Do,  Silat, Wing Chun, Thaiboxing, & KidPersist (Youth Martial Arts)
  • Advanced practitioners and instructors can sample my progression and approach to offering these arts to my students. Learning from me will not interfere with your regular training. Also, if you are struggling with mobility or health issues, the material can be learned slowly, safely, and in accordance with doctor's orders.

The best part is I've knocked myself out to develop the best standalone Kit I can to help as many different kinds of learners as possible. I KNOW the Kit is worth way more than $37 (if you actually use it, and I hope if you do invest in yourself that you won't just let the materials go unused), but (and I know that money is different for everybody) people in our society regularly spend $40+ on things like movie tickets and concessions, dinner out, or even a haircut. Your onetime investment of $37 gives you lifetime access to the Level 1 Kit! You have nothing to lose. You can access it and begin your Filipino Martial Arts/Jeet Kune Do/Silat/Wing Chun/Silat/KidPersist journey now by clicking the button below:

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"One of the most accomplished and experienced Martial Artists (Fighter & Instructor) I have ever trained with.."

- Coach Ryan Gruhn, One Of The Highest Ranking Practitioners Of Multiple Styles Of Martial Arts In The U.S.

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Written Curriculum

All Of The Requirements Are Written Out For You On One Document For Each Level!

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Tutorial Videos

Each Requirement From The Written Curriculum Has Its Own Video From Which You Can Study (For Each Program)!

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Get Certified...

When Your Ready, Follow The Included Instructions & Submit A Video Exam To Earn Your Rank!

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